Ellen Stein, Nutritionist
Personalized Nutrition Consulting Services
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Better Eating 
for a Healthier YOU...

Services and Costs

We provide a variety of dietary services to our clients.  Areas of specialization include, but are not limited to:

Dietary Adjustments for Medical Concerns  
(Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugars, Gluten Free, GI Disorders, Crohn's Disease, etc.)

Disordered Eating

Weight Loss or Gain

Wellness / Better Health through Gradual Dietary Changes

Because the amount of "face time" needed to address an issue varies with each patient, charges are on a per-session basis.  The initial visit takes a full hour.  It includes a brief review of your health history and medications, to identify specific needs, as well as your "diet" history - what you've tried before, what works, and what doesn't work for you.  At that time, we determine a plan to begin making dietary changes, and we set follow-up visits as necessary.

Unfortunately, dietary services are rarely covered by health insurance.  However, Flexible Spending Accounts can often be used for services which lead to better health, of which nutrition is a primary example.  We are always happy to discuss payment options - simply call the office or use the contact form located on our website.